Interhacktivity, Arts, Embedded Systems


With endless enthusiasm about interactivity, new media and the arts, I deeply love exploring innovative technologies… I am profoundly curious and always open for collaborations.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to get in touch, hire me for consulting, collaborate for your next project, have questions or feedback on my work.


Academic / R&D


UbiComp19 - HiveTracker: 3d Positioning for Ubiquitous Embedded Systems.
Cedric Honnet, Gonçalo Lopes
DOI - Open Access (4p) -

TEI19 - Optimizing Pressure Matrices:
Interdigitation and Interpolation Methods for Continuous Position Input.
Paul Strohmeier, Victor Hakansson, Cedric Honnet, Daniel Ashbrook, Kasper Hornbaek
DOI - Open Access (10p) -

CHI18 - To improve haptic experiences in VR and AR, we must first improve tracking.
Paul Strohmeier, Cedric Honnet
Workshop Position Paper (4p) - IN-TOUCH project

AH18 - HIVE Tracker: a tiny, low-cost, and scalable device for sub-millimetric 3D positioning.
Darío R. Quiñones, Gonçalo Lopes, Danbee Kim, Cédric Honnet, David Moratal, and Adam Kampf
DOI - Open Access (8p) -

TEI18 - Designing eTextiles for the Body: Shape, Volume and Motion.
Rachel Freire, Paul Strohmeier, Cedric Honnet, Jarrod Knibbe, Sophia Brueckner
DOI - Open Access (4p) -

NIME17 - Designing a Multi-Touch eTextile for Music Performances.
Maurin Donneaud, Cedric Honnet, Paul Strohmeier
DOI - Open Access (6p) - Video

MOCO17 - Digital Oxymorons: From ordinary to expressive objects using tiny wireless IMUs.
Andreas Schlegel, Cedric Honnet
DOI - Open Access (8p) - Video

TEI17 - Second Skin: An Exploration of eTextile Stretch Circuits on the Body.
Rachel Freire, Cedric Honnet, Paul Strohmeier
DOI - Open Access (6p) - ACM Interaction Mag. - Video

LM16 - Developing an Ecosystem for Interactive Electronic Implants.
Paul Strohmeier, Cedric Honnet, Samppa Von Cyborg
DOI - Open Access (8p)

MOCO16 - Movement of Things: Exploring Inertial Motion Sensing When Autonomous, Tiny and Wireless.
Andreas Schlegel, Cedric Honnet
DOI - Open Access (2p)